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Watching Our Children Cope with Narcissist Abuse

One of the most difficult pains to endure as a parent is to watch our children’s other parent totally abuse, ignore, criticize, abandon, reject or otherwise disappoint our children. We know that our children are innocent in who their parents are. And as we, the adults, learn about emotional abuse and narcissism, we still struggle, even though we possess analytical abilities and some harsh life experience.  READ MORE

Sometimes being Compassionate Just Doesn’t Work

I see it all the time. Parents, spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, all with bleeding hearts; full of compassion and understanding for their loved ones, while the people they love so much continue to hurt them – over and over again, every day. Why does this happen?  READ MORE

Diagnosis and Treatment of Asperger's Disorder (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

“But I was rational,” is the concluding reality behind every move and decision of the person with Asperger’s disorder, in spite of the fact that the “typical” person thinks anything but with regards to the behavioral patterns of these people who seem so strange to them.  READ MORE


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