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Tools For Counselors/Coaches

Why Couples Counseling Does Not Work in an Abusive Relationship

It is imperative that therapists be educated about the dynamics of interpersonal violence in order to provide competent treatment to batterers and their victims.  In general, couples counseling is an ineffective means of treatment, at best, for this population, and in fact, may cause more harm than good.  Couples counseling tends to be counter-productive in an abusive relationship for many reasons.  READ MORE

How to treat Borderline Personality Disorder

Early maladaptive schemas are the memories, emotions, bodily sensations, and cognitions associated with the destructive aspects of the individual’s childhood experiences, organized into patterns that repeat throughout life.  The core themes experienced by the borderline person include abandonment, abuse, emotional deprivation, defectiveness, and subjugation.  These are defined below (Young, Klosko, Weishaar, 2003):  READ MORE

The Relationship Graph

The point of the Relationship Graph is to take a complete and detailed look at one relationship.  At some point after a loss occurs, your brain begins a review, searching for what was never communicated or completed. The purpose of this assignment is to help you discover what is unfinished for you in your loss so that you can complete your grief. Successful completion of unfinished emotions allows you to become complete with the often painful reality that the physical relationship has ended.  READ MORE


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